[News] T-ara makes a second promise, "Only if we can win Triple Crown"

Girl group T-ara has made a new commitment after their subway commitment if their latest track, "Lovey-Dovey", will continue to win.

According to T-ara's agency Core Contents Media, on the 25th, "If T-ara can win over three consecutive weeks and get a Triple Crown, they will make another commitment to do volunteer service."

For their second commitment, T-ara's very own Hyomin designed the colorful campaign posters over night. T-ara previously rode the subway to thank fans for their win with "Lovey-Dovey" on SBS "Inkigayo".

T-ara members said, "We're so thankful to the fans for giving so much love to 'Lovey-Dovey'. If we can get a Triple Crown, even with our busy schedule, we want to volunteer to re-pay the public for the love 'Lovey-Dovey' would receive."

Meanwhile, T-ara's "Lovey-Dovey" is currently ranked #1 in various online music charts.

Source: Nate
Credit: Nathaniel@Diadem