[News] Sunny Hill’s Jang Hyun to enlist in the military

Co-ed Sunny Hill member Jang Hyun will be beginning military service on January 31st.

According to Loen Entertainment on January 20th, "While preparing for their new album, Jang Hyun received his draft notice to enter the military on the 31st. He could have announced his enlistment earlier, but he wanted to stay devoted to promoting Sunny Hill's new album. He would like to apologize to all of his fans."

Being Sunny Hill’s sole male member, Jang Hyun is not only known for his vocal talent, but also in producing, composing, and writing lyrics for the group.

His last activities with the group will be on January 21st on MBC Music Core. Janghyun said, "I will be joining the military during the member's activities and I hope fans understand. Be healthy and enjoy yourselves."

Janghyun’s last activities with the group prior to his military service will be on this week’s MBC‘s "Music Core". Afterwards, Sunny Hill will continue on as a 4-member group.