[News] Sunny Hill leaves message for Jang Hyun's enlistment, "Don't turn your eyes to SNSD"

As previously reported, the sole male member of Sunny Hill, Jang Hyun, will be beginning his mandatory military service. Showing their support, the ladies of the group left an encouraging message for Jang Hyun.

Jubi, Seungah, Kota, and Misung said, "Don't worry about us here and be sure to stay safe while you’re serving. We'll work hard to succeed quickly so that you can be loved by your seniors. Until then, don’t turn your eyes to Girls’ Generation and don’t wear your combat boots backwards!"

They added, “We know that you’re worried about forgetting your composition skills, but we don’t think you have to since soldiers also listen to a lot of music frequently. If that isn’t enough, we'll send you music CDs regularly.”

As we all know, Girls’ Generation is one of the army’s most beloved girl groups, so the girls playfully reminding Jang Hyun not to cheat on them.