[NEWS] Special TEEN TOP ‘Crazy’ M/V 6 men 6 different colours ‘It’s STYLE’

After receiving lots of love with ‘No More Perfume On You’, TEEN TOP makes a comeback with the release of their 2nd mini album [It’s], marking the start of new activities. Since their last album activities, they make a comeback in 3 months. TEEN TOP who has been showing fresh music and powerful performances since their debut is recognized domestically and abroad as the talented idol group, hence there is greater anticipation by people in the music industry and fans alike for this album.

TEEN TOP’s 2nd mini album [It’s], as the name suggests, consists of wild and carefree songs. Title track ‘Crazy’ is as if it’s in a club, the sound blends in well with the fresh beat and it expresses with the lyrics the feelings of a guy who is going crazy as he tries to hold on to his girlfriend who is leaving; it is a memorable song. Also, through the emotional vocals and rapping, it shows the love and concern he has for the girlfriend.
The younger guys who have called out to noonas, TEEN TOP have returned as backstreet delinquents fierce men! We’ll introduce to you the fashion style and anecdotes of the 6 different colours of the 6 men in the 2nd mini album ‘Crazy’ M/V


With his brushed back hairstyle and his strong framed sunglasses he transformed to what is commonly known as the fierce man, the man with fierce character is complete! C.A.P in the intro of the music video, he was dressed in a red leather jacket with bling bling accessories, transforming into a club DJ. Borrowed as a prop, the ‘screen touch DJ mixer’ worth 10s of millions of won, he played with it easilylike a toy which made the surrounding staff panic

Niel tried out the hair perm as the hidden card to fully show the hip hop ‘feel’. The main set of the music video was that of a backstreet, it was TEEN TOP’s stage to dance. The only unrealistic thing in the backstreet? The yellow sports car that is protruding out of the wall.. The members were wondering when they could ride on it but they couldn’t as it was used as a prop to lit up the backstreet.


Ah! The staffs were vigorously adding smoke into the garage. To film the cool scene of walking out of the smoke, they had to hold their breaths. You could hear the director’s voice from afar “TEEN TOP~ Are you still alive? We’ll add more smoke in~ It’s cool! So we’ll add more in and start again!” Yes! If the director thinks it’s cool then we definitely won’t mind breathing the smoke in!


The male and female leads of the music video this time round are TEEN TOP’s chic guy ‘L.Joe and the youngest member of 4minute ‘Kwon Sohyun’. From the first meeting, the confession, the ordeal, to the reunion, L.Joe kept running and running, calling out for her again and again! Whether they managed to meet, please check it in the music video!


If we’re talking about TEEN TOP, it’s definitely the perfectly synced dance! And the ‘Clap dance’, ‘Matrix dance’, ‘Shoulders dance’, even just by the names we can relate to the point choreography. So what kind of dance is there in store in ‘Crazy’ this time? TEEN TOP chose the ‘sexy selca dance’ as the best of the best. The TEEN TOP members personally named the dance during the interview and the ‘sexy selca dance’ is where they put one of their hands on their hips and the other posing for the camera. Everyone together sexily ‘Cheese!’


Changjo had a growth spurt which made him 7cm taller than when he first debut. Complementing his nickname of ‘Dancing boy’ he is also naturally very flexible. TEEN TOP’s music videos never leave out side-twists and back-twists etc and Changjo was in charge of the acrobatic move in the epilogue of ‘Crazy’ music video, where we saw Changjo doing his cool mid-air jump. Something to make you watch the music video till the end even when the song ends!

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Translation by oursupaluv@tumblr