[news] SNSD Tiffany wears too sexy stage outfits?

It's not only Taeyeon who has been called out for a so called "too provocative" stage outfit but this time also Tiffany. Photo's of Tiffany performing from their recent Asian Tour concert in Hong Kong was revealed online and it showed Tiffany wearing a hot pink mini dress and matching white stockings and another outfit where she wore a pink almost seems likes a corsette type of outfit.

It seems like SNSD are trying to come of out their "innocent and cute" image and are trying to dip their toes into the sexy and charismatic image. Tiffany and Taeyeon wore those lingerie-esque outfits for their Lady marmalade special performance which was taken from the Moulin Rouge movie.

Not all netizens seems to be too excited on the girl's sexy outfits. They commented, "So tiffany also wore a sexy outfit? it does not suit her", "Im more used to Taeyeon and Tiffany having a subtler image", "They need to realize that they have very young audiences in the concert, they need to be more cautious with their outfit", "It seems like teenagers and early 20's girls are now able to show more skin".

Meanwhile, SNSD are set to perform in Thailand next for their Girls Generations Asia tour on the 12th of February.