[news] SISTAR's Dasom to give up college this year due to busy schedule

SISTAR's Dasom will have to give up giving college a shot this year. Her agency Starship Entertainment made a statement saying, "Dasom decide not to enter college this year. She gave up because she thinks she cannot handle all the challenges and assignments from College due to her busy schedule. However, she will be coming back next year and give it another try, hopefully she will be given the opportunity to do so".

Dasom graduated from high school February last year and she has been trying to take SAT exams from different colleges and university's. She tried the university life and tried to balance it with her work however due to her busy schedules and international activities she had to miss a lot of classes and not be able to take exams. Despite giving up this year, she will still give it another shot next year.

Netizens commented, "I dont think it's best for her to go to school at this time of her career", "Try again next year", "You just graduated from high school? your younger than I thought".