[NEWS] A rookie group member has the same name with Taeyang which caught attention

Before making their official debut, the rookie group, Chaos has attracted attention from the public because it has a member whom owns the same name with Big Bang member, Taeyang.

The new 5-member rookie group, Chaos has a member called Park Taeyang since his name is the same as one of the Big Bang members, the fans of Big Bang have been concerned about it. They said that it is not appropriate for him to use the same name as Taeyang to carry out the activities in the showbiz.

However, 'Park Taeyang' is his real name. The agency of Chaos said,' we have discussed this issue with the parents of Park Taeyang but they want their son to carry out his showbiz activities proudly under his own name. We don't think his career will be hindered, just like the football player Park Ji Sung's career is not constrained because his name is the same as the actor, Ji Sung neither. '

Chaos will make their debut on 6th with the release of 2 songs through their website.

Source: hankooki
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates

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