[NEWS] Rising 'Noble-Dol' X-5

Group X-5 is emerging as 'Noble-Dol'.

X-5, who is being noticed for their attractively tall heights and defined looks, has revealed their new mini album's jacket photo which is filled with an elegant feel. The concept 'ROYAL BLUE' is directed to an elegant-like ambience.

The members, meeting intense gaze, brought up a mystical feeling. It has only been half a year since their debut for these rookies but they have shown an overflowing charismatic image.

Their agency, Open World Entertainment, confidently stated that "This album has been prepared with hard training. It feels like the members are having a change in their perfect images. You can expect the effort vividly shown in the album."

Today starting with the image, X-5's Dangerous' teaser and music video will be revealed. The song is planned to be revealed on the 8th.

Source: Sports Seoul
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