[NEWS] The reason for TEEN TOP to be receiving attention in Europe?

(First) at France, following in Brazil’s entertainment news program the introduction of group Teen Top became a topic of conversation.

Last 10 January in the broadcast of, Brazil’s privately managed, Rede TV Broadcast Station’s entertainment news program ‘Leitura Dinamica’, as Teen Top’s ‘Crazy’ was introduced, a hot response was conveyed immediately. They have already took the spotlight; ‘Teen Top who has come back with a title song, ‘Crazy’ from their 2nd mini album ‘It’s’ with much dynamic, created a huge sensation. This music video is already leading as the most-watched video’. Leitura Dinamica is a popular entertainment news program in various countries that introduces pop culture.

Also at Teen Top’s Brazil blog (Teen Top Brazil: http://teentopbrazil.wordpress.com/) it has passed 70,000 visitors and are receiving lots of interests amongst fans. At the blog many comments such as ‘I’m extremely proud of Teen Top who is growing internationally’, ‘If I am able to watch Teen Top’s performance even in Brazil, it would be great!’ etc.. were written.

Earlier last year, in France’s famous TV show ‘Le Grand Journal, Teen Top’s Supa Luv broadcast activities image was shown and they received high praises for their performances.

Eng Trans: oursupaluv
Source: ilkan Sports