[news] Rainbow's Jisook writes a birthday letter for Kara's Jiyoung

KARA's maknae Jiyoung turns 19 (korean age) today! and her friend Jisook from rainbow greets her A happy birthday and writes her a letter. On the 18th of January, Jisuk updated her twitter saying "Kang Kiyoung Happy birthday!" also sharing a photo of her letter to Jiyoung.

The two shares such a cute friendship as a line from Jisook's letter reads, "You know I love you a lot right? you are like my sister". The two shares such friendship and their picture having a cute pose and wearing hanbok showed their comfortable relationship with each other.

Netizens commented, "Jiyoung Happy 19th birthday! Enjoy your last teen years", "She's so cute and still looks like a kid", "Congratulations on turning 19 today! Happy birthday".

Source: Nate news