[News] PSY Impresses Japan Media

Singer PSY has made his successful debut in Japan!

PSY was a part of the YG Family 15th anniversary concert which took place from January 7-8 in Osaka, Japan. Since then, the Japanese media has been touting him as a breath of fresh air in terms of k-pop acts, offering a certain different appeal.

One example of these different media sources is Fuji TV. A popular show "Mejamashi TV" on it featured the headline "New K-POP Stars According to Mejamashi TV", with video clips of Big Bang, 2NE1, and PSY airing.

At the YG Family concert, PSY performed a total of six songs including "Celebrity", "Please Shake It", and "Paradise". He also did parody acts of famous female singers, calling himself "Lady Ssa Ssa" and "PSYonce".

Next up for YG family? Another series of concerts are scheduled for Saitama's Super Arena on January 21-22.

Source: KBS