[NEWS] Overview of TEEN TOP’s 2nd mini album [It’s]

2012’s representative K-POP Icon “TEEN TOP”

Joins forces with the best producing team!
Hit-maker “Brave Brothers” spearheaded the production!
“TEEN TOP” returns as powerful men !

After receiving lots of love with “No More Perfume On You” TEEN TOP is making a comeback with their 2nd mini album [It’s], marking the start of a new round of activities.

“TEEN TOP” 2nd mini album [It’s] is produced by the midas touch of “Brave Brothers”, expressing a free and frank TEEN TOP as it is, with the series of songs. In particular, “Brave Brothers” spoke of TEEN TOP, “No matter what I ask them to do, they always exceed my expectations. As a producer they are the group I covet for the most”

Following which for “TEEN TOP”’s album, to ensure the quality and the high level of music, he directly participated in composition, penning of lyrics and even the mixing of music. His eagerness makes us anticipate it even more.

The title track “Crazy” has the sound of the club, with the harmony of a fresh beat, it’s a dance track which speaks of a guy going crazy as he tries to get hold onto the girlfriend who’s leaving; the love he has for the girlfriend is expressed by the interaction of the emotional vocals and dynamic rapping, as if it was a conversation.

In contrast, the R&B Slow mix of “Crazy” gives off a different vibe and is 180 degrees different from the original song, as it expresses the desperation in the guy’s heart even more emotionally. The exciting club dance track with a trendy melody in “Where’s ma girl” and “Girlfriend” that expresses a guy’s fluttering heart when he starts to fall in love with the appealing vocals’ ad-libs and the rappers’ voice that expresses the shyness etc.. The level of completion is brought to a much higher level. Also complementing the album’s title, TEEN TOP’s carefree and distinct style is incorporated into their street look and is in synergy with the music. It is a stylish and trendy album which has people in the music industry considering it as the most anticipated album in 2012.

eng trans: oursupaluv
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