[NEWS] Official VIP4 Fan Club Info

As you all probably know already (from Twitter, Tumblr, etc), YGE has opened up the registration for the official VIP4 fanclub membership for fans in Korea. Unfortunately, they haven't set up the fanclub for international fans yet. On their website's FAQ section, they added though that they will be opening one soon:

Would it be impossible to apply of foreigner?
Sorry to say, owing to various circumstances, we cannot proceed with the join a pay Fanclub of foreigners. But we are trying to make the Fanclub for foreigner, so just be patient. (sic)

I personally emailed them last year (before they opened VIP4) sharing how bigbangupdates is growing and asking if they can open the official fanclub to international fans. I'm not sure if this is just a standard reply but here's the email I got:


Thank you for your inquiry about inviting VIP 4 fanclub members and we appreciate your sharing the opinion with us. We can not inform about the plan for invitation of VIP 4 fanclub as of now since it has not been determined.

We'll have announcement that through official sites when the plan is confirmed. So please wait until further notice and check them.

Thank you. (sic)

I guess right now we all just need to be patient since putting up an international fanclub isn't as easy as it sounds. For more info on VIP4 (English translation) and the ongoing online petition for opening the fanclub to international fans, you can check out this post.