[News] Nichkhun denied about his salary rumors 50 Million Baht for GTH movie!

International Singer Nichkhun denied about the 50 million baht salary rumors for GTH movie and denied about bring charge against the freak on twitter. He also talked about the 2PM concert on Feb 18.
It was really long time when he would have a chance to be in his mother land for the international singer Nichkhun Horvejkul. This time he backed for a movie filming. Today he revealed that “It is a GTH movie. I’ve just finished the filming that have so much fun and It was an exciting experience. This is my first acting job. Please wait and see will be in Theater this year. For about my salary that has a rumor about the under standard salary is not true. I didn’t have any problems about my salary. My company asked that can we ask for this money , I just no I need the same amont that Thai actor would receive since I’m Thai and act for Thai movie so I need the same standard of salary as Thai actors. It was not true about 50 million baht salary as well. It can’ be.
For the freaky who spam my twitter and JYP Entertainment has threatened to bring the matter to litigation will not happen too. We will not bring charge against anyone.
For the full concert of 2PM will be on February 18 at Impact Arena. This will be the full scales concert. Please come to dance and have fun with us for 2-3 hours. I still wasn’t sure about spacial guess. Since 2PM is already spacial.

trans by TKKT@followkhun
credit: innnews