[News] New girl group Six Bomb to debut this month

Another new group will be added into the list of handful of new rookies! Following the lead of the sexy idols, new girl group Six Bomb will be making their debut this month.

Six Bomb will be comprised of five members, Hyejin, Nabi, Subin, Euinhyun and Jiwoo.

Member Hyejin, who is also the leader of the group, is said to be an exceptional rapper. The eldest member, Nabi, will be the main vocalist while Subin has been the recent hot topic because of her friendship with SNSD's YoonA and for being Moon Geun Young's doppelganger. Euihyun was raised under a musical family and the maknae, Jiwoo is also known to be skilled musicians.

Six Bomb will debut on the third week of January with their debut track "Chiki Chiki Bomb", which was produced by Mr. Gordo, who is the older brother of famous hip-hop artist Dok2 and is part of the underground hip-hop group, EZIS.