[NEWS] Netizens Questions NU'EST Member Ren's Gender

After revealing the final members Teaser Photos, Netizens are caught up in a "Gender Debate" with NU'EST Member Ren's true gender.

after seeing the attractive open-neutral feel that Ren emits from the teaser picture. various NU'EST Communities and fans are now questioning the member's true gender and is rapidly gaining massive attention online.

in the photo Ren is seen with his seductive eyes and chic look, giving a similar feel as a girl. with photos from this teaser fans are caught up on a gender-based debate by netizens.

Netizens commented after seeing the photo teaser: "Oh! when i saw Ren i thought he's a girl! and he's really beautiful!" "Who is the Real Ren?" "A girl in a boy group?" and "He's prettier than the other girl idols".

New East (NU’EST) stands for: NU (new), Establish (established order), Style, and Tempo. A powerful group name needs strong members and with the groups plans to bring “a new style to the music industry” along with their outstanding skills. and will debut with fellow rookie groups like EXO and B.A.P.

Source: The Star
Rough Translations: ISIS @ Pledis-Elites
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