[NEWS] MBLAQ’s Lee Joon is voted as 2012’s most highly anticipated "Yong-ddi" Star

Source: Nate
Translated: yangtweety@mblaqattack.net
Reuploaded: yangtweety@mblaqattack.net

MBLAQ's Lee Joon was voted as the most highly anticipated "Yong-ddi" star for this year. The term "Yong-ddi" refers to people, like Lee Joon, that are born in the year of the Dragon.

On SBS TV’s ‘Good Morning with Bae Gi Wan, Choi Young Ah, and Jo Young Gi’ a segment of the entertainment news conducted a questionnaire on 2012’s most highly anticipated star.

Amongst these celebrities, the star with the most votes was MBLAQ’s Lee Joon who was born in 1988.

The participants in this questionnaire said, “Last year, MBLAQ has received a lot of love from overseas fans. Their comeback is scheduled for this week and a new driving sensation is expected from it.” They also added, “We are especially anticipating Lee Joon because he has challenged acting for this comeback.”

As well as receiving recognition as his role in ‘Ninja Assassin’ as a young-Rain, he as also made a cameo appearance in SBS TV’s drama, ‘Salaryman Cho Han Ji.’

After hearing the news of being voted as #1 most anticipated “Yong-ddi” star, Lee Joon said, “I have never expected this. Thank you very much.” He also added, “We’d really like it if our comeback goes well. Although there are no plans for me to pursue acting, if a chance does come up for me I will do my best.”

His final words to their fans were, “Like now, we will show you a hard-working side of us. We will do our best."