[News] MBLAQ's G.O to join ‘Immortal Song 2′

G.O from MBLAQ will join “Immortal Song 2″ and appeal his singing ability at the same time with their comeback.

MBLAQ released their 4th mini album “100%ver” on 10th and announced their comeback after 7 months. G.O will also make his official comeback in “Immortal Song 2″ on KBS2TV.

G.O attracted viewers’ eyes and ears with his soft voice and excellent emotion last year in “Immortal Song 2″, and his regret to the past stage and will to show new performance brought him back to the show.

On 10th, G.O commented “I still feel honored to be able to show my different aspects than being an idol.”
then he added “this time, I’ll study the structure and atmosphere of the various stages and show you
the performance in totally different color. Also planning to choose a good song to show you more powerful stage.”

G.O will make comeback on 16th with “Song Changsik special” which will be recorded on 16th. The date for joining the regular team is not confirmed yet, but he offered by himself to attend that episode with his great respect for Song Changsik.

G.O said “since I left “Immortal Songs 2″, I was watching the show and felt the singers gradually becoming
more varied in colors. So that I need to prepare myself in many different appearance.”

G.O appeared in “Immortal Songs 2″ and received strong interest from many viewers last year. It was great opportunity for him to show off his great talent in singing which could not be fully delivered just by performing as a member of MBLAQ. With remake of Yang Sookyung’s “Love is a Cold Temptation” and Min Sookyung’s “Love is Over”, G.O received a big appalause from the audience. The sophisticated stage manners and his appealing singing style were extremely well received.

Meanwhile, MBLAQ will make their first comeback stage on Mnet “M countdown” with the title track “It’s War” from their 4th mini album on 12th.

TRANSLATION: yuka1226@AbsoluteMBLAQ