[NEWS] MBLAQ snags M!Countdown win and is the only idol group to perform with legends for MBC Music.

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MBLAQ Gets a Lucky Break

January 26 was a special day for MBLAQ as the group had two occasions to celebrate: Snagging a win in a music program and putting on a collaboration performance with veteran singers.

The group grabbed the number one spot with It’s War off its fourth mini-album at Mnet’s M Countdown. Right after the program, the group rushed to the special concert I Giorni Della Musica to celebrate the establishment of MBC Music, which was held in Ilsan.

During the concert, 38 famed singers sang 23 hit songs for around 40 minutes. The lineup included legendary singers such as Jung Hun Hee, Yoon Sang, Kim Gwang Jin, Kim Kyung Ho, BMK, Jang Hye Jin, Kim Jo Han, Baek Ji Young and Sweet Sorrow among others.

As the only idol group participating in the concert, MBLAQ served to tear down the barrier between old and new generational musicians.

The group put on a live performance of hit Mona Lisa with Yoon Sang, Kim Gwang Jin, BMK, Kim Kyung Ho and Baek Ji Young singing the chorus, while MBLAQ′s Lee Joon joined Kim Jo Han for a performance of Soul Mates.
After the concert, MBLAQ members shared their feelings, “The Sunbaenims (seniors) took a good care of us and it was an honor that they helped better our performance. It was an overwhelming performance that would be never forgotten in our lives.”

To this, Yoon Sang said, “They have two occasions to celebrate today as they ranked first today.”

Meanwhile, the concert I Giorni Della Musica will air on February 1, at 7:00 pm on MBC Music.

Photo credit: Mnet, MBC Music