[News] Lee, Yeon Hee has been Selected as Model for Global Cosmetic Brand SK-II!

January 18, 2012
Lee, Yeon Hee has been Selected as Model for Global Cosmetic Brand SK-II

An actress, Lee, Yeon Hee, has been chosen as the new model for premium cosmetic brand ‘SK-II.’ Lee, Yeon Hee, who has been loved with her images of purity and innocence, will work as model for SK-II with Kim, Hee Ae and Lim, Soo Jung. 

Lee, Yeon-Hee said "I am very happy and excited to be a model for SK-II. I will try to show natural beauty as a model representing SK-II."

An official from SK-II said, "Lee, Yeon Hee has been recognized for her acting ability in films and dramas and she is talented in photography and singing. In addition, she has crystal-clear skin, which SK-II aims for. She also has been showing her passion for a pure and clean life by taking part in volunteer work as well as working hard for her career. Therefore, we believe she has the images of the woman SK-II aims for." The official continued, "We are very happy to work with the beautiful and passionate actress, Lee, Yeon Hee, and we expect her, as a new model, to show her refreshing and beautiful images to more consumers, particularly, young women in 20s and 30s."

SK-II’s new model, Lee, Yeon Hee, will attend the event ‘My surprise, SK-II Pitera Essence,’ which will be held at Beyond Museum in Cheongdam-dong on the 27th (Friday), and will start to work as SK-II’s model through the new TV commercial of ‘Facial Treatment Essence,’ which will be released on February 1st.  

Source: SMTOWN's FB