[news] Lee Min Ho and Moon Guen Young wont be able to graduate this February

Actress Moon Geun Young and actor Lee Min Ho won't be able to graduate this coming February due to lack of graduation requirement and both had difficulty fulfilling the necessary credits to graduate from university.

Both actor and actress were busy with their own projects last year. Moon Geun Young had consecutive absences on classes and was very busy and lacked the necessary amount of credits required to graduate. Lee Min Ho faces the same problem as he also had consecutive absences and were not able to attend classes due to filming ending very late at night already, with his lack of attendance, it also resulted to lack of units required to graduate.

The universities both are currently attending have said that if they do not focus on their academics they will not be able to fulfill the necessary requirements to graduate. Hopefully, the two will be able to find time to attend classes and graduate soon.

Source: Nate news