[News] Lee Hyun's online sales reach 10 billion won

8eight's Lee Hyun has reached 10 billion won sales mark just through his songs.

On January 3rd, Lee Hyun's agency revealed that with the huge success of his solo songs "You Are The Best Of My Life" and the joint song "I Was Able to Eat Well" with 2AM's Changmin, Lee Hyun earned 10 billion won profit in two years.

He expressed his deep gratitude toward fans saying, "I’m surprised at the 10 billion number too. More than anything, I’m thankful that so many people have listened to my songs. I want to be truly acknowledged as a vocalist through 'Because It’s You'".

Earlier, Lee Hyun released his first solo album, "The Healing Echo" along the music video for his title track, "Because It's You".