[NEWS] Kim Tae Won and T.O.P, 'Same clothes, different styles'

Kim Tae Won wore the same clothes as Big Bang's T.O.P. but they gave out different feelings.

On 24th of last month, Kim Tae Won attended 'Entertainment Award' of KBS. He wore a jacket which T.O.P. wore in March last year. The Big Bang member wore it to appear in a Mnet programme while Kim Tae Won wore it to receive his prize from the award giving ceremony.

Kim Tae Won showed his charisma in the ceremony. On the other hand, when T.O.P. was wearing a similar one in March, he gave out the feeling of being an active youth.

The fans have also expressed their feelings, ' Although they wore the same clothes, they gave out different feelings.' etc.

Source: Osen
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates