[News] KBS to hold New Year Special 'Crown Princess Project'

Several female idols will be taking up the challenge to 'become the Crown Princess'.

In line with the new year festivities, KBS has planned a special episode of 'Crown Princess Project - Restoring the Royal Family'.

The show will take the form of a comical historical drama. During the Joseon dynasty, when picking the Crown Princess, the marriage prohibition act was put on hold and young women from respectable families were invited to go forward and participate in various tests to select the Crown Princess eventually. This is the storyline that the entertainment programme borrowed ideas from and it will be an idol version of the recent popular MBC mini-series, "The Sun and the Moon".

The idols participating in this show are all prominent faces. The cast including IU, T-ara Boram Soyeon, Miss A Min, 4minute Sohyun and others, altogether 12 female idols have been invited. On Jan 10th, they are filming for the show at the Buan Video Theme Park. The production crew aims to capture their vibrant appearances at the outdoor filming site outside of the stuffy studio.

Dressed in the hanbok, the female idols laugh in anticipation for what is to come, but of the 12, only 1 will emerge as the final Crown Princess. The production crew expressed, "It will be a boisterous broadcast to heighten the excitement on the national holiday."

The identity of the Crown Prince remains a mystery. The crew said, "Even the cast themselves don't know who it is, but we'll find out during the broadcast." The show will be broadcast on Jan 23rd at 7:20 PM.

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Source: E-daily