[news] KBS Gag Concert succeeds other entertainment shows and claims no. 1

It was a good weekend for KBS Entertainment show "Gag Concert". AGB survey released the ratings for entertainment shows for the weekend, and Gag Concert claims the no. 1 spot with their viewer rating 18.7% for the weekend, however like other shows, they also experienced a decline in ratings. Last week, The show got 22% viewer ratings and this week, they had a 3.3% decline in ratings.

Despite having a decline in ratings, they still emerged victorious among the other entertainment shows. KBS "1 Night and 2 days" received a 14.2% viewer rating, KBS "Happy Sunday" received a better rating with 15.1%. MBC's "Our Sunday Night" and MBC "Lululala" received 4.3% and 8.5% respectively. and SBS "Good Sunday" received 12.5% which experienced a 3% decline from last week's rating.