[news] KARA's Hara looks like a goddess on her surprise birthday party

A surprise birthday party was given to KARA member Goo Hara by the staff. On the 13th of January Goo Hara turned 21 and on her birthday, she was still busy with work, but despite her working on her birthday, the staff prepared a surprise birthday party for her.

Hara shared on twitter on the 13th, "It's friday the 13th, Its my birthday and Im at work and the staff gave me a birthday cake! I was so surprised when we were on break and they suddenly had a surprise birthday party! Im so happy!" sharing a photo of her with the birthday cake.

Hara also thanked the members of KARA and all the people who celebrated her birthday with her. Hara shared a very sweet smile on the picture and despite being covered in cake, she still looked beautiful.

Netizens commented, "You look so beautiful on your birthday! Im so jealous", "Happy Birthday!", "Even if your face is covered in cake you are still beautiful".

Source: Nate News