[news] Kang Ho Dong's fans misses him and cheers him up with bus ads

National MC Kang Ho Dong has been on hiatus because of his tax evasion issues in which he received heavy criticism and he voluntary halted all his activities and is now on a "temporary retirement" but despite his hiatus, his fans cheered him up with a very heartwarming gesture.

In korea, several buses have been roaming around especially from school to school and these buses have ads in them were in you can see messages saying "Kang Ho Dong fighting! We miss you! Please comeback soon".

His fan club members planned these advertisements to send their message to Kang Ho Dong and cheer him up in the hope that he might see it or the news will get to him somehow. Despite the issues he experienced last year, his fans are still waiting for him and are still supporting him.

It has been five months since his announcement of temporary retirement since September 2011 and hopefully the issues he faced about tax evasion will be resolved and that he will make his comeback in the industry soon.

Source: Starnews