[NEWS] 'K-POP CON' Tall-dol X-5, Floral-beauty and Charisma 'Upgrade'.

Group X-5 has captivated fangirls' heart with their floral-beauty.

X-5 performed 'Dangerous' on actor Lee Taesung's live broadcast of ChannelA TV's K-POPCON at 10:30PM on the 10th of December.

Upon debuting in the music industry this year, X-5 who has obtained the nickname 'Tall-dol' announced their mini album 'Dangerous' on the 9th. In this album, each of the members' efforts can be felt vividly.

The title song 'Dangerous' has a compelling club sound which shows how one man screams because his heart has been stolen by a woman who already has another man.

On another note, today's K-POPCON performance consisted of Chocolat, Dynamic Duo, Beige, N:Sonic, IU, Park Kiyeong, Cho Kyuchan, Lady Jane, BoM, Noel, X-5, Crispi Cruch, Electroboyz, and Wonder Girls.

[T/N: By 'Floral-Beauty' it means like pretty boy.]

Source: TV Report
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