[news] JYP to debut a new girl group? statement to be made this February 1

The industry is now being clouded with hype and mystery.

After Park Jin Young released a mysterious teaser on his official youtube site, where he was playing a piano and wearing a black suit a lot of rumors have started circulation. There were rumors it was for 2pm's comeback and now there's rumors that it is going to be for JYP's new girl group.

JYP made a statement saying, "My first project for 2012: Producing new songs for my artists" It was also revealed that JYP will be revealing an official statement on the 1st of February. However, It seems that JYP's global auditions have been fruitful and the CEO has found new talents.

It is rumored that it is going to be for his "Second Wonder Girls". Officials from JYP are also tight lipped on the situation and they said, "An official announcement will be made in February 1, 2012, its going to be a surprise".

Fans do not know what to expect from this, though are excited. Are you?