[News] Junsu, who just losses his father "I'll be stronger"

Group 2PM's Junsu who is currently mourning over his father, are showing a more and more mature side of him.

On the early morning of 26th January, Junsu posted on his twitter "Usually, the 'Let's live while always thanking/being grateful of everything' saying doesn't click well to me, I crazyly didn't know that i will feel this grateful for having my mum that is still alive and having a younger brother beside me." coolly revealing his determined heart.

On top of that "Because I'm the head of household now, i'll be stronger. To those that was worried about me, i am thankful and from now on, its alright to not be worried anymore.", he also didnt forget to convey his thankfulness towards the people (that is worrying over him).

Junsu's father passed away on last 19th January due to heart attack, and his fellow entertainers comrades that heard about this news also sent their condolences and comforted Junsu.

Meanwhile, the netizens that saw Junsu's tweets responded with "Please be strong and he is sure to be at a better place" "Please eat well! I'll be cheering for you" "Junsu oppa please be strong! And please show us your smilinh face" and many more.

Source: Starnews
Translation: KimBoPeepOppa @JunkayStreet