[News] IU to be on 'Running Man' Ep 77!

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IU appeared on the Jan 15th episode of 'Running Man', giving everyone a surprise morning call by singing her hit songs 'Good Day' and 'You and I'.

One of the guests on the show, Jin Jihee, said, "I shall shake hands with IU" and approached IU requesting for a handshake. Later on in the car, she told her team, "It's the first time I've met IU but it was completely amazing."

On this day, IU joined the Running Man members as a guest to complete their exciting mission. The three who were fastest to get out of bed, Kim Sungsu, Lee Cheonhee and Lee Gwangsu formed the Yellow team with IU.

While searching for a shop selling grilled oysters, Lee Cheonhee asked, "We're going to stick to same team today with IU, right?" None of the other members responded to that and simply smiled delightedly to themselves.

While searching for the numbers on their the Bingo mission, Haha spotted IU and yelled, "3rd Year, Class 2, IU come out!" and then, "I have something to tell you. IU, I like you." At that moment, Yoo Jaesuk who had been searching for the numbers appeared and went, "I'm busy running back and forth in this wild jungle and here you are confessing your feelings to IU?" and suddenly seized Haha by the collar.

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu
Sources: TV reportNewsen