[News] INFINITE’s Sungjong rebels cutely against leader Sunggyu!

INFINITE‘s maknae Sungjong cutely rebelled against leader Sunggyu.

On the January 7th broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Birth of a Family‘, Sunggyu was abandoned by the rest of the members to watch over their three dogs.

The members left without Sunggyu to watch a movie and enjoy a break from their schedules. The leader tried to call the members, but it was to no avail, as they had turned off their phones on purpose.

When Sungjong finally called him, Sunggyu barked ,”Hey, you traitors!” Laughing, Sungjong asked, “Hyung, are you holding up okay?“, to which Sunggyu replied, “Hurry up and come [home]!

Maknae Sungjong only made Sunggyu even angrier as he relayed Woohyun‘s message to Sunggyu,“Don’t make me laugh.” He also rubbed it in further by asking Sunggyu, “Did you finish doing everything you’re supposed to?… Call us when you’re done.” Sunggyu’s voice started getting low as he threatened,“Are you playing with me right now?” To which the other members laughed as they answered, “Yes, we are.”

The phone call ended and once again, Sunggyu was left alone completing chores by himself as he struggled to feed, wash, and walk the three dogs.

You can check out the phone conversation in the video (below around the 1:23 mark):

Source: overzero.com