[news] Infinite's Second Invasion in Japan concert tickets sold out in 10 minutes!

Infinite's sold out record for their concerts has gained much interest not only to the fans in Japan but also the media. It has been reported that the tickets for Infinite's "Second Invasion in Japan" 2012 concert tickets got sold out in just 10 minutes after the start of the ticket sales.

Japanese media was surprised on this however the fans of Infinite was already prepared for the high competition on securing a ticket for the concert. A lot of fans were not able to grab a ticket and resorted to calling Infinite's agency to request for more tickets.

"Premium Tickets" or VIP tickets that was bought by fans during the ticket sales are even having an auction on the ticket they have purchased and it is not cheap, despite the high prices the fans still resort to these auctions to be able to attend the concert.

It looks like another successful concert for Infinite in Japan once again. Infinite had their successful debut in Japan last year and this time, they will be performing their Second Invasion in Tokyo concerts on February 25 and 26 this 2012.