[News] INFINITE's L transforms into animation character

INFINITE's L has made a cameo appearance on the Tooniverse TV Animation show “Welcome to Wara! Mart”. L also lent his voice for the character, which was described as a cute boy with a pretty smile and gentle image.

L’s character appeared as a famous idol but he hates convenient store due to a bad experience in his childhood. However, L accidentally visits Wara store and met a worker named Eun Ah and fell in love at first sight.

L stated, "It was the first time that we took a part in dubbing so it was awkward. Although I worried a lot it was neat and fun to actually act out as my own character".

"Welcome to Wara! Mart" is a Korean animation, which produced by Tooniverse, Yellow Brick, and SK Independence, based on a webcomic. The animation will start airing on January 17th.