[NEWS] Infinite's L Bursts Into Tears After Reading His Mother's Letter

Infinite's L burst into tears after reading a letter from his mother.

L, who saw his mother for the first time after a long time during the most recent recording of KBS's 'Birth of a Family,' turned the whole film set into a sea of tears.

L met his mother when she and Dongwoo's mother went to Infinite's dorm to make rice cake soup to celebrate the new year.

However, L and Dongwoo greeted their mothers quite differently. Being the youngest at home, Dongwoo acts cute, but L is the oldest at home and showed a different reaction to his mother.

Dongwoo did not hesitate to give his mother a kiss on the cheek once he saw her, while L was more reserved towards his mother whose disappointment could be seen in her expression.

However, L suddenly burst into tears after reading a letter his mother wrote, causing his mother, the other members, and even the staff to tear up.

You can see L bursting into tears from his mother's letter on "Birth of a Family" at 5:05 on the 14th.

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