[NEWS] ‘Idol Athletics Competition’ TEEN TOP, flew like a bird?… rises up to the ranks of ‘athletic idols’

6 member idol group ‘TEEN TOP’ has emerged as the new athletic idols
With the 2010 Chuseok special as the start, at the 4th MBC ‘Idol Star Athletics Swimming Competition (ISASC) TEEN TOP swept both 1st and 2nd positions at the men’s high jump event, attracting the attention of the fans.
Before the start of the competition, Ricky (real name Yoo Changhyun, 16) was one of the likely candidates to win the high jump event. From before Ricky has displayed outstanding athletic skills, hence he was able to reach the finals. Although it had seemed like Ricky was going to win the high jump event but in this competition, he had to give the winning spot to team member Niel who has risen as an ‘athletic idol’
After ISASC, Donga.com sat down with TEEN TOP and carried out an idol group like interview revealing their after thoughts.
“A lot of people have expected me to win 1st place so it was a pity that I couldn’t. I was one of the likely winning candidates at the high jump event, but I lost to Niel hyung. Even I really thought that I was going to win 1st place… After the competition ended, because of my competitive streak I couldn’t calm myself down but I’m feeling better now. Next time when we have to do high jump again, I can lose to anyone else but I definitely must Niel hyung. Still I’m very happy that TEEN TOP was able to win both 1st and 2nd places.” (Ricky)
“I’m really happy that I won. Andy hyung who is from the same company as us, said that he would grant us a wish if we came in top 2 in any event. Although a win is very important, I’m looking forward to the wish more. Through this competition it was the first time I’ve seen the TEEN TOP members so happy. I really want to see our even happier faces when we win 1st place on music programmes. (Niel)”
Chunji and Changjo shared “We didn’t practise specifically for it but as all our members like sports originally, we thought that maybe if we tried hard enough we’ll achieve good results. Ricky has always had good jump power so we were really looking forward to the high jump event.
Although we made finals for swimming and sprints, it was a pity that we were not within the ranks”
Andy promised the members that he would grant them a wish if they achieved outstanding results at high jump; the members all wished for massages on a regular basis. Seemingly unmatching for their young age, the reason why they wanted massages was because they liked it.
On the other hand, TEEN TOP has been carrying out exciting activities for their title track ‘Crazy’ from their 2nd mini album which was released on the 5th.
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Translations by: oursupaluv
Source: Sports Donga