[News] Hyun Young to tie the knot in March

Earlier, entertainer Hyun Young mentioned her boyfriend on TV for the first time through a variety show. It’s just been announced that she will tie the knot in March.

On January 25th, Koen Star has announced that Hyun Young will get married at the Sheraton Hotel in Seoul on March 3rd.

"We have developed feelings for each other since we first met in March of last year through our mutual friends. We felt that we are meant for each other and decided to spend the rest of our lives together as we trust each other more than anybody else. We dare to make a promise in front of you that we are committed to understand and love each other in our lives. Please support us so that we can lead a happy married life," Hyun Young was quoted as saying,

The statement went onto explain that Hyun Young will continue with her activities even after her marriage.

Hyun Young started dating her future husband, whose name has not been revealed, in August. He is said to be four years older than her and works in finance.

Source: enews