[NEWS] Hyomin to join the Chinese version of "We Got Married" with Fu Xinbo

Famous Korean celebrities will star in the Chinese remake of "We Got Married".

The MBC variety show "We Got Married" will now start a Chinese version!

MBC's Hallyu Wave content creation team announced that a Chinese version of "We Got Married" is being produced and will begin a broadcast in February. The show will air two pilot episodes, and after that decide whether or not to make it into a full series.

T-ara's Hyomin and Super Junior's Kyuhyun have already began shooting for the Chinese version of "We Got Married". Hyomin's husband in the show is Fu Xinbo, a member of a popular Chinese pop group, BoBo. Super Junior's Kyuhyun will pair with a an actress name Yaeda Chen.

A total of three couples will appear in the pilot episode, with the third consisting of a Chinese actress and actor. An MBC official said, "MBC and China's SMG together have been producing the project for a while now. After the pilot episodes air, we'll make a decision on the future formatting of the show and if it'll become a full-fledged series."

The Chinese version of "We Got Married" is the same as the Korean "We Got Married". In addition to the three virtual couples, Chinese celebrities will be making commentary on the couple's married life during the show. Production currently has four of China's top female MCs being considered for the MC role.

The Chinese version of "We Got Married" is a unique formatting for a show, since it consists of South Korean idol members with foreign idols. Because many Koreans are beginning to expand overseas with the Hallyu Wave, the stars can combine their power to become twice as successful.

Hyomin and Kyuhyun will appear in the Chinese version of "We Got Married" which will broadcast on February 11th and 12th on SMG.

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Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem