[News] Girl’s Day Yura Wins 9-0 Against Teen Top’s Niel at the Alkkagi Championship

Girl’s Day Yura grabbed the win at the “Idol Alkkagi Championship.”

In the show ‘Idol Star Alkkagi Championship,’ which was aired on the 22th, a total of 26 teams of idols participated to play competitive alkkagi matches.

Today in the show, idols started to take their matches seriously from the preliminary rounds, and in the end Girl’s Day’s Yura and Teen Top’s Niel made it to the finals. Niel was called “Messi of the Alkkagi World” for the superior skills he showed in the early matches, so the audience predicted that Niel would win.

But Yura, contrary to people’s expectations, got to show off her hidden alkkagi skills and beat Niel into a cocked hat. With the score of 9 to 0, Yura won the match to conclude the championship.

Niel said after losing the match, showing disappointment, “I guess I spent too much energy on the previous matches,” and Yura shared her impression on her win, “I didn’t expect to win the 1st place, but I’m so happy with the win. I’ll practice my alkkagi skills more in the future. I’d like to credit this glory to the CEO of our agency.”

Meanwhile, netizens expressed various reaction about Yura who won the championship saying: “She sure is good at it,” “Niel must have been puzzled,” “Her alkkagi skills are no joke,” and so on.

Source: naver
Translated by Senavix