[News] Girl's Day Sojin for Crown Princess Project, "Should she be crowned as insight-dol?"

The group Girl’s Day’s Sojin revealed her deep inner thoughts.

In the show KBS ‘Crown Princess Project – Revival of the Royal Family,’ which aired on January 23rd, Girl’s Day Sojin revealed her deep thoughts and drew viewers’ attention.

In the show, the Ah-Na-So team members, IU, Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls and Sojin from Girl’s Day, were asked to answer these three questions; ‘the most highest hill,’ ‘the deepest thing,’ ‘favorite flower,’ which were the actual questions that Yeongjo of Joseon asked to handpick his crown princess.

For those questions, Sojin answered, saying that parents are the most highest hill, “Their wisdom and love is the most highest hill that one is unable to get over.” As to answer the question ‘the deepest thing,’ she explained, “I think it’s a scar. Once a scar is made, it really cannot be healed, so you should be careful not to hurt anyone.”

And then she answered ‘small-flowered chrysanthemum’ for the question ‘favorite flower,’ revealing her deep inner thought, “It’s small and the most common flower you can see in Autumn, but it’s the most remembered flower when Autumn comes.

Meanwhile in this show, IU, who answered ‘barley hump’, that Empress Jung-soon also answered back then for the question ‘the most highest hill,’ was handpicked to become the crown princess.

Source: naver
Translated by Senavix@girlsdaydaily