[News] Do Dae Yoon closes Twitter after his comments about IU & Taeyang

Superstar K3's Do Dae Yoon apologized to the fans and announced to close his Twitter after his recent Tweets about Big Bang's Taeyang and singer IU.

On January 17th, Do Dae Yoon tweeted directing to Taeyang asking for help, "Sunbaenim! I’m a fan! I want to dance well like you sunbaenim, how do I start? Oh, and Happy New Year to you sunbaenim!"

He continued, "Once I am able to dance as well like Young Bae sunbae (Taeyang's real name), IU’s eyes will definitely turn towards Do Dae Yoon", getting the attention of IU.

The comments soon caught the attention of netizens and stirred up a lot of controversy. Netizens commented, "Do Dae Yoon must really like IU" and "It was just a mistake". Some said harsh words like, "It was careless" and "You better stop tweeting".

Few hours later, Do Dae Yoon apologized to the fans saying, "I apologize to both IU and Taeyang’s fans, I’m sorry. I will not be tweeting for a while! Tweet tweet! Take a break".

What are your thoughts about this?