[news] CNBlue's tickets for their concert in Taiwan sold out in 13 minutes

CNblue's oversea's independent concert experienced a tremendous success on their ticket sales. CNBlue will be having a concert in Taiwan this coming 28th of February for their Asia Concert Tour "BLUESTORM" and the tickets for the concert opened on the 14th of January and tickets went sold out in only 13 minutes!

They hold a record breaking time for an oversea's artist for selling out their concert tickets in such a short time. CNBlue's popularity seems to have spread throughout Asia not just in Korea and Japan. This is not the first time their concert tickets for their concert got sold out, last time for their concerts in Korea and Japan, the tickets got sold out for 30 minutes only.

CNBlue's agency FNC Music admitted that the reaction was overwhelming and that it seems that a lot of oversea's fans loves and enjoys CNBlue's music. After the members heard that their tickets got sold out, it motivated them even more to practice harder.

Meanwhile, CNBlue are expected to release their second single in Japan titled "Where you are".

Source: Nate news