[NEWS] The Boss' First Regular Album gets 7th place on weekly Oricon Chart

Idol group The Boss got the 7th place on Japan's Oricon Chart.

Their regular album, Love Letters, which was released on 18th January got 7th place at
the Weekly Oricon Chart, proving their popularity in Japan. On the day of its release, they even grabbed
the 5th place.

The Boss is getting a lot of popularity in Japan because of their great music and fluent Japanese. The Boss' member Karam was even chosen as the main character of movie "Ai Ore' by Director Fukuyama Sakurako.

Starting from 18th of January, The Boss organised an event in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and other places to celebrate their release of their regular album.
The event was a success. About ten thousand Japanese fans gathered to see The Boss.

The Boss' first regular album is the completion of the 'Love Series' and it contains 12 songs, including all the songs from the 'Love Series'.

Source: TV Daily
Translated by: Hee Sang@Astromafia.com
Edited by: jean22s@AstroMAFIA.com