[News] BoA affectionately hugging Lee Sooman shows their close relationship!

On January 5th, Fly To The Sky's Brian Joo revealed a group photo of himself along with his former agency's CEO, Lee Sooman, having a last minute get together. BoA, Super Junior's Siwon, TRAX's Jungmo, and TVXQ's Changmin can also be seen in the group photo. What is most eye catching about the photo is BoA and Lee Sooman hugging affectionately, which shows off their close relationship.

BoA was accepted into SM Entertainment, and after 2 years of training, made her debut with "ID Peace; B" in 2000. She recently celebrated her 10th anniversary in Japan and her 10th anniversary in South Korea in 2010.

Another photo was uploaded by Super Junior's Siwon on the 4th sans Brian and Changmin, but does include Super Junior's Heechul, who entered the military a few months ago.

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