[NEWS] Big Bang's thankful speech in YG Family Concert

On the 7th, South Korean hiphop group BIGBANG resumed their activities in Japan, performing at Kyocera Dome in Osaka for YG Ent’s music event “YG Family Concert in JAPAN”. Member D-Lite (22) made a flashy comeback after halting his activities due to a road accident last year.

With their backs turned, all 5 members of BIGBANG descended from a gondola up in the air to the stage, earning the biggest and loudest cheers from the audience that night. 90% of the audience were female fans. During G-Dragon’s raps and D-LITE’s solo parts in “TONIGHT”, the entire dome resounded with the loudest screams. GD breaking the guitar and the 5 of them singing the chorus together with the fans, it was similar to them getting wounded and being reborn.

Last year, after holding their Japan tour in May, D-LITE got into a road accident and was immediately put into a hiatus. Then on October, it was reported that in July, GD was interrogated by the police for Marijuana use. The news made him take a temporary halt in his activities. After 8 months, the two finally appeared on stage in front of the Japanese fans after a long while. “Everyone, I apologize for making you worry. From now on, I’ll do my best,” GD promised. Daesung on the hand spoke words of thanks, saying, “I realized how important music and the stage are to me.”

They carefully chose 10 songs to perform. “It’s been a while since the five of us were here in Japan. We hope to sing excitedly together with the fans,” SOL (23) said.

Despite being in a period of self-discipline, the group went on the receive the Worldwide Act Award in the MTV Europe Music Awards. They are the first Asian artists to be honoured with such an award, the interest and attention for the group rising up. Immediately continuing on with their activities in Japan, the group is set to make an appearance on the music program (MUSIC STATION) on January 20. “This year, we’re aiming for our own solo dome concert,” VI (21) said. “We want to become the world’s No.1!” SOL added.

Source: Asashi
Translated by: arcobaleno @twitter//Jinhae@YGLadies.com via JOJtop @twitter