[NEWS] BEAST Son Dongwoon's favorite piano, fans donated it to the children's welfare

Group BEAST member Son Dongwoon's favorite piano was donated to the children's welfare.

On the 19th, the (representative) from the children's welfare said, "earlier this month, members of the Beast's fanclub have donated Son Dongwoon's piano, the first donation since New Year".

Son Dongwoon expressed with emotions, "this has given me the dream of becoming a singer since I was a child", this particular piano before was given off at an auction to fans last year and was bought by a fan and later on, it was donated back to the children's welfare. The children's welfare were thankful since they can now use the new piano instead of the old 30-year-old one.

On the other hand, on the 9th Beast's fanclub has donated 254 hats and 200 swaddles for the children in Zambia, Africa for the international Relief and Development Organization of World Vision.

CREDITS: Sports Seoul via Naver (SOURCE); zapsaple @ B2ST RISING (TRANS)