[News] Actor Choi Minsik shows affection for Girls’ Generation!

Actor Choi Minsik, who participated in the actors’ special episode of ‘Healing Camp, Aren’t You Happy’ aired on January 30th, expressed his exceptional affection for Girls’ Generation.
In contrast with his powerful and charismatic acting, Choi Minsik talked with his colloquial and delightful manners on the episode.
In the ‘Choose One From Two Speed Quiz’ segment, Choi Minsik chose Girls’ Generation over actress Han Hyejin, even though Han HyeJin was present. Upon hearing Choi Minsik’s decision, Han Hyejin asked him for the reason for the choice.
Choi Minsik replied, “Girls’ Generation seems to be very healthy. When I see the nine girls, it makes me feel healthy as well.” Hearing his response, Han Hyejin replied, “I am healthy too!” However, Choi MinShik showed his unchanging affection by replying, “I also like the fact that Girls’ Generation comes out as a group.”
When he was asked the question, “Is there any particular song by Girls’ Generation that you like?”, Choi Minsik answered ‘Tell Me Your Wish’. He then added, “When the girls asked us to tell our wishes as they danced, I often answered, ‘My wish is…. how are you going to grant it?’” causing the MCs to laugh.
Credit: news.sbs.co.kr
Translated by: Taengfan@fanwonder.com