[NEWS] 10 varieties of Teen Top ‘Crazy’ quirky choreography topic ‘What a hit!’

10 varieties of Teen Top’s title song ‘Crazy’ choreography became a topic amongst netizen.

Recently a variety of communities published topic titles like ‘10 varieties of Teen Top’s Crazy choreography set’ on bulletin boards.

Revealed in bulletin boards were Communicating With Aliens Through Putting On Headsets-like Dance, Pelvic Dance: capturing noona’s hearts with their splendid turning of hips movement, from taking selca-like moves came Sexy Selca Dance, Putting-On-&-Taking-Off-Hood Magic Show Dance, from Changjo’s solo dance came the Piano Dance, Coming-Out-From-Behind Dance, Ambiguous Dance, Feet-Kicking Dance etc.. and other quick-witted and eye-catching dance names .

They also received a variety of netizen responses like ‘Now when I’m watching broadcast I will be guessing and matching their choreography names.’, ‘It’ll be good if they made a heck Dance.’ etc..

‘Usually it is only made up of a mash-up of choreography points but for Teen Top, their point choreography became 10 variety so it becomes a different kind of enjoyment while watching their performance.’, ‘As expected if you have sharp military-like moves like Teen Top, much credit will be given to the choreography.’, ‘Teen Top’s 10 variety choreography package is a composition of ideas.’ etc.. as seen in several netizens’ opinions.

Translation by oursupaluv@tumblr
Source: Nate