K-pop themed cafe phenomenon in Taiwan!

What kind of cafe can make the Taipei Dome wrapped around twice? That is, the K-pop themed cafe transformed by Kpopn.

The theme of the K-pop cafe this time is Super Junior, located within the Taipei Dome's Omelet's Cafe.  The transformation will last 10 days, providing Super Junior fans a place to exchange information.

Kpopn transformed the Cafe into a heaven for Super Junior fans.  After the short 10 days, the Cafe will be returned to its original look.

After the transformation, cafe is decorated with many Super Junior limited auditioned products, making it a mini Super Junior museum.  Kpopn also worked with Super Junior fans to create stamps, postcards, and DM dedicated to Super Junior.  In addition, Kpopn will be hosting fans cheers practice that will be dedicated to Super Junior during the concert.  There will also be a birthday party dedicated to the Super Junior member Kyu Hyun, on the last day of the event.
January 20, the very first day of the event, thousands of fans lined up around Taipei Dome.  These fans are from all over Taiwan, and many of them waited in line before sunrise.

This event is from 2012 Jan 20 to Feb 1 (No event will be hosted during Chinese New Year from Jan 22 to Jan 24) in Taipei Dome Omelet's Cafe, from 11am to 9pm.