[INTERVIEW] Transformation into Perfect Men! “Pure 100%” TEEN TOP at a glance

After being rated as the nation’s younger boys with “No More Perfume On You’, 4 months later they have attempted a transformation filled with masculine charms with their 2nd mini album [It’s]. We met up with TEEN TOP who have showed their own “pure 100%” color through their title track “Crazy”

Brave Brothers produced the 2nd mini album. We’ve heard that he’s extremely scary when working so how was it working with him?

Although we had a scary first impression of him but he’s benevolent. He’s only scary when we enter the recording studio (C.A.P) Then who’s the member who got scolded the most? L.Joe! (TEEN TOP) The point of ‘Crazy’ is the rap. So he got scolded a lot (Niel) Every time when we’re recording I was really nervous (L.Joe)

Looking at the mini album this time round the skills of the rappers L.Joe and C.A.P has really improved a lot. And Niel tried to rap in “Where’s ma girl”?

Brave Brothers PD nim told me that he didn’t really expect much from me but he said we exceeded his expectations. Haha (C.A.P) The rhythmical rap was harder than I had expected; even going along with the flow, so it was mostly difficult (Niel)

It seems like there’s no way we can leave out the cuss word controversy. The rap lyrics “Like heck” which L.Joe was in charge of became the source of controversy. How do you feel about it?

Rather than showing no interest for us, showing interest is definitely better. Are you sure it wasn’t intentional? Oh we’re still idols how can we swear. Haha I hope you won’t misunderstand (In fact on stage L.Joe pays attention to pronounce his “like heck” accurately)

You guys are known as the perfectly synced dance idols. We also see the synchronization in ‘Crazy’ this time round. What’s the secret to it?

There’s really no special secret. We just practise our dance. For 4 months, 9 hours a day we practiced our choreography (Chunji) We break it down word by word and match our dance (L.Joe) The title of “perfectly synced dance idols” must be burdensome. Of course it’s a burden. That’s why we added some free style choreography this time (Niel)

We can’t leave out L.Joe’s passionate acting in the music video. You acted with 4minute’s Kwon Sohyun, was there any anecdotes to share?

(The rest of the members were even more excited) Maybe the kiss scene! Let’s just call it the kiss scene! (Niel) We all watched them film that scene and there were so many NGs. About 470 times? No no it was about 1000 times? Haha. Before filming the scene he even brushed his teeth twice. (Chunji) Oh hoo I thought her forehead was going to be caved in. (C.A.P) Later on, I think I’ll be the only one who can kiss on the lips (Niel)

Including 4minute Kwon Sohyun whom you filmed the music video with, I think the fans are really curious about the female idol groups you are close to.

We really don’t have any female idols we’re close to. Because we’re all shy. In the case of L.Joe, after filming a music video together, next time when they meet, he should be greeting her affectionately but a few days when we recorded “Idol Athletics Competition” he was really stiff and he just greeted her abruptly with a “hello” He should be able to at least congratulate her; we asked him to “go and congratulate her” but he didn’t. (Chunji)

Someone who is like a teacher to you, Andy, has been discharged. You guys were in the same team during “Idol Athletics Competition” how does it feel to be carrying out activities together?

Of course we feel very secure. And he said that if we manage to reach within top 2 at the “Idol Athletics Competition” he’ll grant us a wish… (Niel) He’s the person who picked us (to be singers) initially so it was difficult and awkward to approach him but through this opportunity we became a lot closer (Chunji)

Chunji beat out 484.8 people to be selected for the Hanyang University Practical Music faulty. Now being a university student, what do you want to do most in university?

I really want to go on blind dates (Chunji) Go on a group blind date (C.A.P) C.A.P have you gone for any of those? Because I major in dance and in the entire faculty there are only 7 guys. So we don’t get to go on group blind dates. And there’s no one who’ll organize the blind dates.

Niel, Ricky, Changjo what do you want to do most when you turn 20?

I want to watch a rated above 19 movie at the cinema confidently. (Ricky) I want to do what I could not do when I’m in my 10s. In particular I really want to go to a club. Because I like to dance (Niel) I made a promise with Niel hyung that we’ll go to a club together in the future and have a dance battle like the scene in movie “Step Up”. I don’t know if that’ll work out… (Changjo)

It’s 2 years since your debut. You have many juniors and having debuted at such young age, you guys are no longer the youngest (maknae) so I think you must be quite amazed.

But we’re still the youngest. When we walk past them, they greet us as seniors but we’re close, so when we meet in private, because of our young age, we’re still the maknaes (Chunji)

Not too long ago you guys successfully completed your Japanese fan-meetings. How are your plans in advancing into Japan?

We have to strive for our activities in Korea first and advancement into Japan is planned for later. (Chunji) There have not been any concrete plans so far but we have plans to meet overseas fans through promotional activities or events. (L.Joe)

Lastly with the release of your new album, what is your goal for 2012?

The dream of a singer, we really want to win 1st at a music programm. We want to have time to communicate with fans through many concerts. Our bigger wish? An overseas tour just like Andy hyung? Haha. (Niel)

Translation by oursupaluv@tumblr
Source: BNT News